Color Theory

I really love your work on Depeche Mode! OMG, I feel like 80's synth pop is also in my blood :-)
I just saw their concert here at Shoreline, in California, and it was amazing, minus the fact I didn't have the best seats :-)

Well anyway, I've literally been listening to your 'Color Theory - Depeche Mode' and I freakin love it - I've listened to it like at least 10 times this week since I found it on Monday!

If you are ever in the Bay Area, please let me know, I'd love to see you on tour, or even just meet you.

Darryn James

Color Theory responded on 10/04/2013

Thanks for the kind words Darryn! I actually don't perform, but I appreciate the thought. Maybe they'll build that hyperloop from LA to SF and I can get up there more often!

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