Color Theory

Thanks for the music, Brian. You more than once mentioned in interviews that you work on your songs strictly in the box, with no hardware synths or effects used. What VST sound effects (like Reverbs, Delays, Phaser etc.) do you use? Maybe, there are lesser known ones that you really like? The more detailed you can be here, the cooler! What software synths do you use at the moment and how do you choose a software synth? There are things like Diva or DCAM synths that try to emulate analog as closely as possible and there are digital synths with their own specific digital sound. Do you go for convincing analog emulation? If not, what other sonic characteristics do you pay attention to? Thank you!

Color Theory responded on 06/11/2014

Sorry for the late response! I use Ableton Live 9 as my primary DAW, with a few soft synths - mainly Sylenth and Massive. As for effects, I like the FabFilter stuff. I keep a very minimal setup! Convincing emulations aren't important to me. If I like the sound and it fits the arrangement, it's in!

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