Color Theory

What sort of magic brought together the music of the 80's? What on Earth (or beyond) was it that caused so many great musicians all together to write such beautiful hooks, adorn them with reverb, tie-in such fantastic lyrics, truly explore the full potential of synthesizers, all together creating futuristic sounds and feelings in their tracks that've yet to be realized in mainstream music, itself a pathetic shell of its fallen glory?

...Dare I dream it can happen again?

Who will be the next ELO? What could surpass "The Never-Ending Story?" And can a decade of 80's nostalgia bring about the sonic revival we both very much thirst for?

Will it be the 2020's? Or is the aesthetic doomed to remain the anachronistic retro-futurism?

Hell, is all of Synthwave just Vaporwave that hasn't yet run the batteries of its tape player to a crawl?
Or is it in the defiance of this meta-trend that we find the strength to lead the charge to our brighter tomorrow?

Who knows.

Last one: what color am I?

Color Theory responded on 12/18/2019

I daresay the magic of the 80s has less to do with the music, and more with where we were in our lives. That said, I agree about mainstream music after listening to Spotify's picks for best singles or 2019!

I confess I don't really understand vaporware, so I'll buy into your theory.

Last but not least, you must be neon pink.

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